Ways to Get Paid

In your whole life, have you ever been paid 7 different ways at once? Nope. You do a job, you get a paycheck. A single paycheck.

But not with ASEA. You do one line of work here, and you can be paid 7 separate ways. Here’s how it shakes out:

  • Retail Sales

    Sell some ASEA, make a profit.

  • Preferred Customer Bonus

    Sign up a preferred customer. They get a discount on the product, and you earn $25 every time they purchase a case of ASEA on Autoship.

  • Fast Start Bonus

    Enroll someone with an ASEA Product Pack, and earn an instant Fast Start Bonus.

  • Team Commissions

    Build two “legs” in your organization, and earn 10{a9a95283bae80fabb82d65222c69a1a776f45ff82e2cf0561dcff6c85d1b1a29} of the volume of the smaller leg.

  • Director’s Bonus

    Earn $50 every time one of your personally sponsored associates becomes a Director within their first 14 days.

  • Check Match

    Earn check matches on Associates you’ve personally sponsored, and the ones they’ve sponsored, and so on… up to 7 generations!

  • Leadership Pool

    Become a leader in ASEA, and you can earn a share of 2{a9a95283bae80fabb82d65222c69a1a776f45ff82e2cf0561dcff6c85d1b1a29} of the total company sales volume.

Visit the downloads section to view the entire ASEA Compensation Plan.